About this administration portal



  • Goal of the partner administration is to give our business partners and dealers more management for their end-customers accounts.
  • The Portal is currently in testing beta-version release with limited set of features. Development is going to continue.



  • Dashboard with general overview
  • Possibility of unpairing the Homebase from the user account
  • Possibility of "hijacking" the user account, which means to log in the Energomonitor app as him, without knowledge of his password
  • List of devices sold/used by the partner
  • Sorting of devices list ordered by serial number, “working / not working” device status, feed name, owner's name 
  • Full-text searching of Homebases by serial number, owner's name or feed name.
  • Filtering of Homebases by “working / not working” device status
  • Status of device (working / not working), based on the provisioning server boot or check up (see the column “status”):
    • A green checkmark means that Homebase has connected to our provisioning server before less than 2 hours.
    • Red mark means that Homebase has not connected to our provisioning server for more than 2 hours.
    • No sign means that Homebase has never connected to our provisioning server.
  • End-user's e-mail contact and username for the device
  • ID of the device feed
  • Type of hardware and firmware of device, with the last firmware update date


Contact person for partner admin portal: